Monthly Journal: June 2018

So, my audio blog didn't last very long. I recorded everyday for about a week and a half... then my grandparents came in town and I just didn't make it a priority again after that. And I'm okay with it! I actually gained a considerable amount of confidence… talking to probably no one (JK, I know my bestie listened. Thanks, Ash.) alone in my living room/car.
Laughable but true.
I know that “podcasting” every day is not going to work for me. But I learned that I can actually enjoy it, I have more to say than I think I do, (though I really need to edit it down to what people actually care to listen to) and I want to keep playing with different ways to share what’s going on in our little world.
It probably won’t be interesting to most – and I'm totally cool with that. My goal is to: document key things in our lives so we can look back on them; share what is working and what’s not so anyone in a similar life situation can learn from us; and simply have a creative outlet with no client and no expectations.

Which brings me back to this post – my latest experiment. I’m going to try to do a monthly blog post instead of a daily audio blog. Seems doable but I’m actually shocked how little I can accomplish as June’s nap time gets shorter and shorter.

Here we go! 


June 2018
- the recap

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Road trip alone to LA for the Fashion Mamas "Mamas Making It" Summit; best friend came to visit; we all caught colds; started the process of reviving The Honest Boss with Sarah by going through the beginning of my client process, recording our meetings and posting them online; chopped off my hair; Napa Valley to celebrate Father's Day/Chris' new job/our 7th Anniversary; First pool and beach days in SF; Florida friends stayed with us and Chris' sister visited for an afternoon!

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Whew. June was so full!



Things I tried (and loved)

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Ideas for June (the kid, not the month) –

I'm always trying to get us into a better routine (and always forgetting to brush her dang teeth) so I made a "list" for her! It worked for a few days. Ha! I'd love to make little magnets for her to move when she's completed something but can't find any good customizable magnets... ideas!?


Finally ordered groceries from Whole Foods via Amazon Prime Now!

Definitely a little more expensive than our usual Trader Joe's run but the fridge was empty and mama tired. Grocery shopping with a toddler in the city is no joke! Thinking of making this an every other week thing. 


Embracing the 90's mom vibe  –

Not going to lie; I'm having a style crisis and this feels okay for now. Who even am I and what do I like and do I just like this color because I see it all over insta and btw I redesigned this blog again which is basically another piece of my wardrobe. Thanks for listening.

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Plans/goals/hopes for July

This will be our first month with no visitors since we moved to SF in November! We've loved it, of course, but we're excited to have a "down" month. It takes me a while to get back into my routine after we've been traveling or had guests in town so I have high hopes for getting back into healthy routines this month. 

To kick that off... I started a workout program on the SWEAT app, (after seeing 3647584787638 ads and ignoring them and then reading one post by someone I think is cool who raved about it. HA.) took embarrassing "before" pics to make sure I stay motivated and after the first workout I'm limping around like a 98 year old, soaking in salts and searching "sore" in the app's community forum to make sure I'm not the only one. It will get betterrrr. (RIGHT!?)

I'm also going to try to plan out more of a weekly routine so I can incorporate more things I'd like to be doing with June (teaching her more letters... maybe learn Spanish together... finally potty train!? Pray for us.) instead of doing whatever we feel like that day which usually means more TV than I feel awesome about. We'll see how it goes!

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Happy Summering, party people. 


––– JB

Hello, I'm Jordan Brantley, and I'm a recovering perfectionist.

I'm craving the real real, sick of the perfectly polished.
But I can't quit! I'm a total perfectionist.

This is my first step towards recovery. 

Jordan Brantley and the flying coffee cups!

In an effort to practice "shipping" content before it's my idea of perfect, I'm going to start sharing more here + an audio blog (can't bring myself to call it a podcast) on Anchor. More of the mess, the real, and what's actually happening in our day-to-day.

This is scary! The pretty, curated grid is safe. You don't have to hear me fumble as I figure things out. I have as many takes at editing as I want before publishing.

I'm pushing past the thoughts of "why would anyone care to listen?" and "is this even worth my time, let alone anyone else's?" because if another mama was in my shoes – trying to build up a strong business and a strong little girl; finding her way in a new city, across the country from what was comfortable for so long; on top of all the other pieces of "real life" – I would want to hear her thoughts. I would want to know what she's trying, what's working, and what is just totally not working. 

So – if that's you, you can find those real thoughts here.

Even though I want to type "I'm going to try to..." so badly right now, I'm not! I'm going to commit to sharing the real real, right here (and on Anchor), every week. 

*Going to feel all the vulnerability regret now – and then get over it and keep going.*

Listen to my first (awkward) audibly documented entry on Anchor or via the player below. (including two options – tell me which one you like!)

Saying goodbye to the pacifier

*Like anything I ever share, this is not a how-to post; it’s a how-we-did-it-and-it-worked-out-okay post. Okay, carry on.


the sad-but-so-cute footage

Not pictured: me tearing + hiding in the background. My heart still hurts re-watching this! Ahhhh.

We planned multiple days when we'd take away the pacifier. But.... mama wasn't ready.
I decided we reeeally didn't need to do June's first plane trip ever without every possible comfort source. So, about a month into living in San Fransisco, I was out of excuses. I knew the best thing for June was saying goodbye to the paci. (Wahhhhhhh)

Chris' parents had given us all the deets for what they did. Honestly, we couldn't help but be a bit skeptical that it would work as well as they said it did for them. June really loved her paci. The actual problem (as usual) was that I worry about things more than necessary. Most stress occurs before "stressful" events for me. I call it pre-stressing. And it's sad that I have a name for it!

Okay, back to what worked.
One night before bed, we cut the nipple off June's paci and casually gave it to her with her "night nights" while she was watching a show on the couch before bed. When she discovered that it "broke", we acted surprised with her and comforted her but told her it wasn't fix-able.

Like every time I've ever worried, I really didn't need to worry. She was such a trooper. She definitely kept asking us to try to fix it with new batteries and "tapey-tape", but it didn't take her too much longer to fall asleep the first night. (I think the fact that she still had the fall-asleep comfort of her little lamb blankies helped a lot!) We tried to make it a non-event and let her hold it in bed. It got better every day until she forgot about it in about a week. 

Now she says "'member I had a paci when I was a baby?" ... Like it was years ago. 

I leave you with 'The Best of June and Her Paci'. Not dramatic at all. 

PS. If you're in the please-give-my-baby-a-paci phase instead of the it's-probably-gone-on-too-long phase, here's a link to our favorite Natursutten pacifier.