Gender Reveal Announcement Photo - Little Girl Bunny

A little lady

You guys, we have a daughter!

I loved seeing all of your guesses on my Facebook page. (There were more votes on my personal account.. almost all boy guesses!) It turns out, all of the “gender prediction tests” were dead wrong and our intuition was right! (I totally thought “YAY my intuition works!!” hahah) That didn’t stop us from going through a period of shock.. just like we did when we found out we were pregnant! Chris said, “I thought about having a girl or boy… but I didn’t really think through the weight of having a daughter.”

Gender Reveal Announcement Photo - Little Girl Bunny

Of course, I have no doubt that he will be the best dad ever. I’m so thankful that our little girl will grow up with a strong, patient, loving, selfless and really freaking fun father. I’m even more thankful and comforted by the fact that she has a heavenly Father who loves her more than we will ever hope to and is in total control of her life – even if when we make mistakes.

Okay, lay some how-to-raise-a-girl advice on me!


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Baby Brantley

We’ve been keeping a little secret! Our little family is growing. We’re expecting a baby in July! Ahhhh! I’m so excited to be sharing this news with you.


Today I am 18 weeks pregnant. Finally in the second trimester – feeling better, starting to see a little bump and feel little tiny kicks! If you’re interested in hearing an honest account of what pregnancy has been like so far and how I’m planning for the future – go ahead and click through to the full post! Continue reading

The Business Bar at One Spark

A recap of One Spark 2014

You guys, One Spark was so much better than I ever expected. If you were there, you know!

It was five long days full of excitement, innovation, wonderful people and the beginnings of many fabulous connections.

It has been a few weeks since the festival ended, but things haven’t calmed down around here. My days have been full of getting to know the people I met at One Spark better and figuring out how we can collaborate, meeting and emailing people about partnering with The Business Bar, and planning my next steps to launch! The excitement I saw in the people I told about The Business Bar has been a huge motivation through the days when I doubt my dream.

Our booth was set up inside my friend Jay’s awesome clothing boutique in downtown Jacksonville, Strght & Nrrw.

The Business Bar at One SparkThe Business Bar at One Spark The Business Bar at One Spark The Business Bar at One Spark

My favorite part of the booth ( and it seemed to be everyone else’s as well! ) was our Passion Profile board. It was a place for people to share what they are passionate about – whether they’ve turned their passion into a business or not! It was so cool to see the board fill up and hear everyone’s stories. The board was also a big encouragement for me. All of these passionate people are the reason I am starting The Business Bar!

The Business Bar at One Spark The Business Bar at One Spark The Business Bar at One Spark The Business Bar at One Spark The Business Bar at One Spark


I am so grateful for my “street team” who came out everyday and helped me at the booth and spread the word on the streets. Chris, Ginny, Calli, Danny, Sarah, Amanda, Amber and even Liam ;) – you guys absolutely rock.

And a special thank you to Ginny of Photography by Virginia Hobbs for not only bringing me smoothies and cider, repping The Business Bar, but also taking these fabulous pictures so we can remember the start of The Business Bar forever!



The Business Bar-31

The Business Bar at One Spark 2014

Since my post announcing The Business Bar I’ve been running at a full sprint getting ready for an event in Jacksonville called One Spark. If you followed my old blog, Create Like Crazy, you may remember my posts about the event last year – here and here. This year, The Business Bar is an official Creator at One Spark. This means we have the opportunity to share the idea and receive funding to make it happen.

one spark, crowd funding festival in jacksonville florida, the business bar

How does One Spark work?

One Spark is a crowdfunding festival starting today and ending Sunday, April 13th. Downtown Jacksonville will be filled with Creators ready to share their ideas with the thousands of voters/contributors who come by. Creator’s projects ( like The Business Bar ) get funded by hopefully getting a portion of the $200,000 crowdfund that will be divided depending on votes – as well as individual contributions.

How can you participate? 

If you are in Jacksonville during One Spark, you can participate by coming downtown, checking out the Creator projects and voting for and/or contributing to your favorites. The festival is completely free but you must check-in downtown to vote!

If you’re not going to be in Jacksonville, you can still participate by going to the website,, browsing the Creator projects online and contributing to your favorites there. You will still need to create a One Spark account to contribute!

Either way, download the One Spark app or create an account on the One Spark website so you can be part of this awesome event!

one spark, crowd funding festival in jacksonville florida

And of course, we would greatly appreciate your vote and contributions to The Business Bar! Any funding we receive will go towards creating products and platforms that will serve small business owners and help them pursue their passions.

If you are planning to come to One Spark, make sure to come to our booth at Straight & Narrow near the heart of One Spark, Hemming Plaza. ( Straight & Narrow is just a few doors down from Chamblin’s Uptown on Laura Street ) We would love to hear your story, learn what you are passionate about and see how we can help your dreams become a reality!


Click here for directions to our Venue, Straight & Narrow

Click here to view The Business Bar’s profile and vote/contribute

The Business Bar Promo Video

Friends, I can’t thank you enough for the overwhelming support of me pursuing my dream of helping small business owners pursue their dreams through my new business, The Business Bar.

With the help of some of my amazing talented friends here in Jacksonville, we have our first promo video! Check it out and let me know what you think.


Created by The Business Bar’s design/video guru, Danny Cary
in collaboration with Sarahdipity Photos and AppleBox Productions

Featuring Amanda Lenhardt, Aaron Ventura, Calli Webb and Bradley Hayes

Breaking the silence for an exciting announcement

My dear friends, I don’t think I can fully convey my excitement and joy, fear and overwhelm as I finally sit down to write this post. After dreaming and scheming for about a year, this new venture is dream is about to become a reality.

I am starting a new venture: The Business Bar. My goal is to provide resources for small business owners to become more efficient and successful, allowing them to spend more time focusing on their passions – the reason they started their business in the first place.


the business bar coming spring 2014


When The Business Bar officially launches this Spring, it will be full of beautiful branding design, clarity finding worksheets, marketing materials and so much more – all made by myself and a group of insanely talented people that I’m honored to collaborate with.


the business bar coming spring 2014


You may remember, when I launched one of my first posts was sharing an inspiration board for a new venture I was excited to start working on. Well, you guessed it, it was The Business Bar! My goal with my personal site was to have a “home base” for my design business and any future businesses that made it out of my head and into the world.

This past year has been one full of of change, growth and learning. I’ve considered my future and what I am really passionate about. Through working with some really amazing people I’ve discovered my deep passion for getting to know people, hearing their stories and helping them become successful in pursuing their passions. This, and collaborating with other creatives towards this goal is extremely live-giving to me and it is my dream to be able to spend my time doing just that.

Things are about to change a lot around here but for the better, I promise. will become strictly my personal website – a place where you can keep track of me, my life and the projects I am involved in. I will still keep up this blog which I am insanely excited about. I will also still have @jordanbrantley across social media.

My hope is that The Business Bar will be a scalable business that is open to collaboration and is not built around me, but the passionate business owners I hope to serve.


the business bar coming spring 2014


I’m sure you can understand the crazy array of emotions I am experiencing as I said at the beginning of this post. Today my dream, The Business Bar, is being shared with the world. Tomorrow I go to The Makers Summit in Greenville, South Carolina and will be officially introducing myself as the founder of The Business Bar and handing out my new shiny cards. Next week I will be wrapping up my last design projects before I dive into designing product, rallying collaborators, researching needs and building the website. In April I will be presenting my new business to thousands of people at One Spark, a crowd-funding festival in Jacksonville. Then The Business Bar will open it’s online doors!

Dreams are terrifying. I can’t wait to see how this one pans out.

You can follow the journey to opening day by subscribing to the newsletter on the website and following @thebusinessbar on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. ( as well as my personal accounts @jordanbrantley – I’ll be posting behind the scenes peeks as well )

As always, thank you. Thank you all for your encouragement and support. But mostly, thank you for your passion – the passion that inspired me to start this in the first place.