I’m Jordan Brantley.

This is where I share the things I wish I knew earlier, and the stories I would love to read from someone else. As I go through this messy but beautiful life as a wife, mom and business owner, I'll share the things we're doing and learning along the way!




all the random ramble-y deets


Most of my time is currently spent wearing the "mom" hat (mom jeans, actually) but during nap times and the occasional stolen block of time I help business owners create strong brands with my team at The Business Bar. I also co-created a community for people doing what they love to be real about running a business; It's called The Honest Boss and it's the best thing ever if I may say so. 

I'm constantly tweaking – trying new systems for my business, writing down different ideas for our morning routine (that we can never seem to stick to), trying to figure out my style, trying new workout programs. I live on peanut butter chocolate chip Larabars (and coffee, naturally) and I'm always thirsty even though I'm constantly drinking water. I always feel busy and never feel bored. I hate cleaning but love organizing. 

I often feel like I don't have much to say. I have down days and fraudy-feelings and self doubt and fears. I forget that the other people behind the screen are real humans – so I'm going to do my best to show up as my whole self here. Hopefully something will encourage you and make you feel less alone!

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My husband's name is Chris –

He works in finance and accounting for early stage startups; basically we have opposite brains. He's also a pro life-size doll for June to decorate with 87 bows, loves cats and IPAs, and slays the guitar - softly for bedtime every night. #bestdadeva


June Capri is our lil' babe –

She's 4 years old; obsessed with trollies and painting and Mickey and pink and books and my "real" camera and let's be honest... TV; totally freaked out by dirty hands, un-comfy clothes, basically all food except cheese and bread.

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After living in Jacksonville, Florida for most of our lives, we moved across the country to San Francisco at the end of 2017. We live in a tiny condo in Nob Hill. If all of our fam and friends could just go ahead and move here, it would be completely perfect.

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I love meeting (non-creepy) people online; true story - met my best friend on Twitter in 2011. If anything here encourages you or you have a question or want to work together or think we should just be friends, hit me up!

Email me – jordan@thebusinessbar.com

You can do all the social stalking @jordanbrantley. I post all the non-curated June videos on Instagram stories, hoard inspiration on Pinterest, have plans to get back on Twitter, and literally never get on Facebook. (Seriously though, can I please just turn Messenger off!?)