Mantra for 2019: Show Up

Last year, my word for the year was ‘strong’.

I wanted to strengthen a lot of things (my body, my mind, my relationships…) and I wanted to spend time thinking about what being strong really means to me. The simple lesson I didn’t expect to learn is that strength takes time. A lot of time. Too much time for my impatient self. Strength comes slowly – from showing up and doing the work, consistently.

When I thought about the year to come, “show up” came to mind for so many things in my life.
I think the phase is embedded in my mind from all of the podcasts/books/webinars/chats about business and marketing and making it work –– show up. Just show up, consistently.
This sounds so easy! Boringly simple, even.

But here’s the thing… showing up is boring when it means admin work or laundry or cleaning.
It’s draining when it means networking or meetings or frankly any human contact. #introvert
It’s scary when it means sharing words or ideas that might be rejected.


For me, showing up in 2019 means –

Speaking up or taking action when it feels uncomfortable;
Tackling the most important work first;
Staying consistent even when I can’t yet see results;
Going/calling/reaching out/staying in touch;
Not waiting for perfection, but sharing the imperfect;
Silencing my inner critic;
Being fully present;

Simplifying, prioritizing, re-prioritizing and showing up to get it done.

Jordan BrantleyComment