Hello, I'm Jordan Brantley, and I'm a recovering perfectionist.

I'm craving the real real, sick of the perfectly polished.
But I can't quit! I'm a total perfectionist.

This is my first step towards recovery. 

Jordan Brantley and the flying coffee cups!

In an effort to practice "shipping" content before it's my idea of perfect, I'm going to start sharing more here + an audio blog (can't bring myself to call it a podcast) on Anchor. More of the mess, the real, and what's actually happening in our day-to-day.

This is scary! The pretty, curated grid is safe. You don't have to hear me fumble as I figure things out. I have as many takes at editing as I want before publishing.

I'm pushing past the thoughts of "why would anyone care to listen?" and "is this even worth my time, let alone anyone else's?" because if another mama was in my shoes – trying to build up a strong business and a strong little girl; finding her way in a new city, across the country from what was comfortable for so long; on top of all the other pieces of "real life" – I would want to hear her thoughts. I would want to know what she's trying, what's working, and what is just totally not working. 

So – if that's you, you can find those real thoughts here.

Even though I want to type "I'm going to try to..." so badly right now, I'm not! I'm going to commit to sharing the real real, right here (and on Anchor), every week. 

*Going to feel all the vulnerability regret now – and then get over it and keep going.*

Listen to my first (awkward) audibly documented entry on Anchor or via the player below. (including two options – tell me which one you like!)