Potty Training: Week Two

Quick, short update because there's not much to say but it's encouraging enough to share!

Over the weekend we had out first big tests – a friend's birthday party at the park and church. On the way to the party I was brainstorming an ideal situation for church the next day with Chris. I was worried that June wouldn't be able to hold it long enough for a teacher to get her to a bathroom in time once she realized she needed to go. I didn't want to make the situation a big deal or add any extra work for the kind souls watching all of the kiddos. I was thinking about literally standing outside of the classroom and checking on her every so often. Oh man, I'm embarrassed for my poor child.

JPEG image-411D436210BC-2.jpeg
JPEG image-411D436210BC-3.jpeg

At the birthday party I was that mom that asked June every time she was within earshot if she had to pee. She held it until the end of the party and finally went in the public restroom before we left. No accidents! She did so well that I was totally cured of my worry for what do to for church the next day. She went to her class (alone.. haaa) and did great! As usual, I worried much more than I needed to.

After she crushed it all weekend, I felt like we really did it. JUNE IS POTTY TRAINED.

JPEG image-411D436210BC-1.jpeg

Aside from slightly wet undies a couple of times, she didn't have accidents all week. She's even been waking up with dry diapers!? She actually worries me with how long she holds it now!

Overall, I'm just super impressed with her. This process has been much less painful than I anticipated.

Next step... weaning her off TV.
Just, you know,  to a reasonable amount for any human.


–– JB


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