Monthly Journal: February 2019

Getting back into routines after vacation; getting to the ‘tired’ phase of routines that aren’t new anymore; reflection and reseting; rain and rain and rain; reading and learning and thinking and writing; lots of work and lots of cuddles.
This was February.

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June was not “June” for most of February. Really most of this year so far. She’s been a baby, Elsa, a cat, a ducky, a bunny… and she’s very committed to her characters. It’s mostly cute but there are days when I feel like I cannot handle another “meow”. Ha!

She’s been absolutely loving her class – getting more comfortable and confident every day. It makes me really excited for her to (hopefully - fingers crossed) start pre-school in the Fall.

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There has been a crazy amount of rain in San Francisco so we’ve been spending a lot of time inside. Luckily June is very into crafting and building and pretending right now.

These magnet building tiles were a Black Friday purchase/Christmas gift and they have been the best toy ever. I’ve been amazed at the things June has come up with and honestly, they’re really fun for us too.

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Somewhere in all of the painting and drawing, something clicked and she suddenly started drawing figures! It was like overnight she figured out how to make the things in her imagination appear on the paper!

This is just one of the milestones I didn’t expect to feel so much about. It’s just the coolest thing to actually see what she dreams up… it feels like we know her more because of it.

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Hustle, cuddle, repeat.

Chris’ company is in the middle of fundraising so he’s putting in some insane hours – waking up crazy early to go in and get work done so he could still get home and spend time with June before bedtime most nights.

He plays guitar and signs to June every night when we put her to bed so one night when he couldn’t make it home, June wanted to FaceTime him and play him songs on the paper guitar she made at school. Ahhhhhh the sweetness.

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working on –

I’ve also been in hustle mode!
Any extra minutes I could find, I worked on creating all of the products we’re going to have in our new shop at The Business Bar. After all of the products were created, Sarah and I busted it to create graphics, product descriptions, tutorial videos… all the details that go into launching a shop online!

There were definitely days at the very end of the month that I worked while June was playing/watching TV on top of the usual work sessions while she naps. The last couple of days before we launched to a couple of VIP “taste testers”, I got up hours before her to get it all done. We did it!! And then totally crashed.

There is still a lot to do before we launch to the public, but I’m so proud of what we’ve done so far.



  • June and I are traveling almost the entire month! I’m going to Austin to see my best friend and go to the Create & Cultivate conference, and then June and I are going back to Florida to visit!

  • We want to officially launch The Test Kitchen shop at The Business Bar in March! (AHHHHHHH!)