Baby Essentials – Registry Checklist

There is only one reason I didn't have a full panic attack in BuyBuyBaby the day I started June's baby registry: a good (very kind and patient) friend who had recently had a baby came with me and told me exactly what I would actually need for my baby. Now I can be that friend for you.

These are not all items that I registered for, or a review of every baby item in every brand – these are all items I actually used for June ...a lot.

Baby Registry Essentials Checklist


June slept in a bassinet in our room for the first few months before sleeping in the crib in her room, but I still used our glider in her room every single day since she came home!


I remember stressing over how many diapers to buy. My recommendation – buy a small box of newborn diapers in a couple different brands so you can try them out. Once you know which kind you like best, sign up for Amazon mom and get those babes on subscription!



The clothes listed here are minimal because June really only wore onesies for the first few months of her life. (Probably important to note - we were in Florida and it was summer.) 


June was breastfed, but a lot of these items will still apply if you're bottle feeding!


Even though newborns don't really play with toys for a while, you'll need a safe place to put them and keep them entertained while you shower/pee/take a break!


going out

When you are brave enough to venture outside of your house, having a travel system (car seat + stroller) that is easy to open/close/move around really makes all the difference. 

Diaper Bag:

Feel free to contact me or comment on this post if you have any questions – or call out anything missing from this list! I'd love for it to be a really thorough resource for new mamas-to-be.

Follow up post sharing the things we used after the newborn phase coming soon!