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I write about that here on my personal website. A home base for all the things, so to speak.



more about me –
but promise you’ll go next, k?

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Born in (Kingsport) Tennessee;

Grew up, got married, and had a baby in (Jacksonville) Florida;

Moved to San Francisco, CA in 2017.



Struggling with perfectionism

Avoiding cleaning the bathrooms

Thinking about my to-do list

Looking for beauty

Tweaking my routine



Consuming all of the Tara Mohr’s work

Working on an online shop with semi-custom branding

Inspired by my preschooler’s artwork

Craving the breakfast tacos in Austin

Overwhelmed by the endless scroll so I’m writing blog posts and emails instead


a few favorite places in SF–

Sightglass Coffee

Lands End Lookout

Small shops on Valencia

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