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Inspiration Board | The Father's Heart Film

Hey friends! I hope your week is off to a fabulous start. I have a full inbox, to do list,  kitchen sink and laundry basket to get through today but I want to share an inspiration board from a current project with you.  

inspiration board | the father's heart film


This project is particularly exciting because it is very different from anything I've worked on - a film! As you know from my last post, video has really captured my attention recently. I know that the people working on this film are going to do an amazing job and I'm honored to be collaborating with them.

We are aiming to build a brand that is dependable, authentic and durable. The website will be launching at the end of this month where you can check out the branding, as well as get a behind the scenes look at the film while they are in the process of creating it. Can't wait to share more!


inspiration board | a new venture

This week has been a crazy blur of ups and downs. There was a lot of catching up on sleep, laundry and cleaning that didn't happen while I was knocking out the last bit of this website. There was a very disappointing email. There were many very exciting emails and new design projects. There was a very sweet and humbling post written about me by the lovely Alexandria on Vintage Muse Modern Views. There was a car accident. ( With no injuries, thank God. ) There were steps made with Brittni in the redecorating process of my bedroom for a curbly book. ( !!!!!! )

All of this left me feeling super thankful. I'm so grateful for the grace of Jesus evident in our lives this week, the exciting steps made, my wonderful clients, friends and family, and the possibilities of the future.

Speaking of exciting possibilities in the future, I have a little sneak peek for you! Now that my new business has launched I am starting to work on a long list of side projects I've been dying to do. I took some time this weekend to really hash out a specific vibe that I want for one of them. I plan to share a lot about this project with you as it unfolds.


inspiration board moodboard a new venture


The look will be professional and classic with a bit of edge. ( All of the images + a few more can be found on my Pinterest board )

Are you working on any exciting projects these days?