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Breaking the silence for an exciting announcement

My dear friends, I don't think I can fully convey my excitement and joy, fear and overwhelm as I finally sit down to write this post. After dreaming and scheming for about a year, this new venture is dream is about to become a reality. I am starting a new venture: The Business Bar. My goal is to provide resources for small business owners to become more efficient and successful, allowing them to spend more time focusing on their passions - the reason they started their business in the first place.


the business bar coming spring 2014


When The Business Bar officially launches this Spring, it will be full of beautiful branding design, clarity finding worksheets, marketing materials and so much more - all made by myself and a group of insanely talented people that I'm honored to collaborate with.


the business bar coming spring 2014


You may remember, when I launched one of my first posts was sharing an inspiration board for a new venture I was excited to start working on. Well, you guessed it, it was The Business Bar! My goal with my personal site was to have a "home base" for my design business and any future businesses that made it out of my head and into the world.

This past year has been one full of of change, growth and learning. I've considered my future and what I am really passionate about. Through working with some really amazing people I've discovered my deep passion for getting to know people, hearing their stories and helping them become successful in pursuing their passions. This, and collaborating with other creatives towards this goal is extremely live-giving to me and it is my dream to be able to spend my time doing just that.

Things are about to change a lot around here but for the better, I promise. will become strictly my personal website - a place where you can keep track of me, my life and the projects I am involved in. I will still keep up this blog which I am insanely excited about. I will also still have @jordanbrantley across social media.

My hope is that The Business Bar will be a scalable business that is open to collaboration and is not built around me, but the passionate business owners I hope to serve.


the business bar coming spring 2014


I'm sure you can understand the crazy array of emotions I am experiencing as I said at the beginning of this post. Today my dream, The Business Bar, is being shared with the world. Tomorrow I go to The Makers Summit in Greenville, South Carolina and will be officially introducing myself as the founder of The Business Bar and handing out my new shiny cards. Next week I will be wrapping up my last design projects before I dive into designing product, rallying collaborators, researching needs and building the website. In April I will be presenting my new business to thousands of people at One Spark, a crowd-funding festival in Jacksonville. Then The Business Bar will open it's online doors!

Dreams are terrifying. I can't wait to see how this one pans out.

You can follow the journey to opening day by subscribing to the newsletter on the website and following @thebusinessbar on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. ( as well as my personal accounts @jordanbrantley - I'll be posting behind the scenes peeks as well )

As always, thank you. Thank you all for your encouragement and support. But mostly, thank you for your passion - the passion that inspired me to start this in the first place.

Inspiration Board | The Father's Heart Film

Hey friends! I hope your week is off to a fabulous start. I have a full inbox, to do list,  kitchen sink and laundry basket to get through today but I want to share an inspiration board from a current project with you.  

inspiration board | the father's heart film


This project is particularly exciting because it is very different from anything I've worked on - a film! As you know from my last post, video has really captured my attention recently. I know that the people working on this film are going to do an amazing job and I'm honored to be collaborating with them.

We are aiming to build a brand that is dependable, authentic and durable. The website will be launching at the end of this month where you can check out the branding, as well as get a behind the scenes look at the film while they are in the process of creating it. Can't wait to share more!


client story: burnett's boards

You may have already seen Burnett's Boards in my design portfolio but I'm excited to share the full story of working with the lovely lady behind the blog, Sara Burnett, from her perspective!  

burnett's boards | brand identity and blog design by jordan brantley
burnett's boards | brand identity and blog design by jordan brantley
"Jordan was absolutely amazing to work with. I’m still in awe over what she was able to accomplish with my blog rebrand! When talking about my blog I now refer to it as PJ and AJ (Pre Jordan, and After Jordan) because the difference is like night and day.
Before I found Jordan I had a mildly successful wedding blog with some pretty random branding. My page views had reached a plateau and my bounce rate was pretty high…I knew my content was great but the package I was delivering it in wasn’t. It was in dire need of a rebrand but I stalled for MONTHS because of horror stories I’d heard from other wedding blogger friends about their rebranding experiences.
I published a wedding inspiration shoot that Jordan not only modeled in but also designed the paper goods so I started following her blog & creeping on her social media accounts. After repining most of her pins I finally got in touch!
Jordan was friendly, personable, prompt – everything you’d want from someone you’re handing your baby blog over to.
She sent a very thorough branding workbook in the mail and once again I stalled because I just couldn’t decide on what direction to take the rebrand. I half filled it out, printed some images from Pinterest that I adored, cut them all up, and sent a total mess back to her.
burnett's boards | brand identity and blog design by jordan brantley
burnett's boards | brand identity and blog design by jordan brantley
But that’s when the magic happened.
I don’t know how she did it but from the mess emerged what I truly believe is the most beautiful wedding blog brand out there. A custom painting! I kid you not. I have a gorgeous custom painting for my header. She also seamlessly wove the painting throughout other branding elements and now I have a blog that I can be proud of.
Since then not only have my page views soared but I find that readers are spending longer on the site, viewing more content per visit, and my bounce rate has dropped 20% in just two months. My Alexa ranking improved drastically and I’ve even received emails and comments about how beautiful the blog looks – from total strangers! It’s true what they say – packaging is EVERYTHING!
burnett's boards | brand identity and blog design by jordan brantley
burnett's boards | brand identity and blog design by jordan brantley
Another awesome side effect that I didn’t predict was that more wedding vendors started contacting me about advertising on the blog. PJ (Pre Jordan) my media kit (if you could even call it that) was a pretty bad PDF with some text, my old logo, and that was about it.
Just a week or two after the rebrand was complete I got back in touch with Jordan for a professional media kit. Needless to say – my new media kit is as every bit as gorgeous as the blog!
burnett's boards | brand identity and blog design by jordan brantley
burnett's boards | brand identity and blog design by jordan brantley

I’m so thrilled to have worked with Jordan. Everything from the process to the result was flawless and I could not be happier.

And guess what arrived in the mail a couple of weeks ago along with a sweet note? The painting!

Seriously - work with this girl. You won’t regret it!" - Sara Burnett

Thank you so much for sharing and for being SO GREAT to work with, Sara!

Get to know Sara Burnett and follow her beautiful wedding blog at