my story

I'm amazing at the amount of change that has happened in my little life in just the past few years. The idea to share the story of how I got into design sent me back into my first Facebook albums. Christopher and I look so different it's insane!


chris and jordan brantley


At that point, I had no idea what I wanted to do regarding a career. ( Seriously, how are you suppose to know what you want to do for the rest of your life when you're in high school!? ) I didn't feel like I was super talented or passionate about anything that could actually turn into a job. If you asked me if I was creative, I would have laughed and said absolutely not.

I ended up deciding on a career in radiology and started taking classes. ( Yeah, I suffered through Anatomy for no reason! Ha ) When I needed extra elective credits I made a quick and random decision to take an art class. Needless to say, this one class changed my whole life.

I showed up hours before the class started and stayed all day. It was everyone else's least favorite class and I was soaking up every minute and learning as much as I could. The semester started and ended with the assignment to draw a self portrait. My first looked something like a stick figure and the last one made me finally admit that I had found something I was good at.


my first real self portrait


This realization left me feeling very confused and lost. Okay, so I really enjoy art. But is that really a wise plan if you need to make money to, you know, live?

I ended up taking the next year off from school. During this time I got a job through a family friend painting murals in the children's building at a local church. This was just the confirmation I needed that it was possible to make money doing something I love. The next semester I started art school.

After the first year of taking classes in all areas of visual art, I decided to change my degree from fine art to graphic design. At that point, I saw design as a good way to make money while I continued to pursue painting. I started a blog to help get my art "out there" and ended up accidentally falling in love with design. I swear I changed my blog design every week. It was Myspace all over again!


art school work


During my last year of school, I took on a few freelance design clients. This was super helpful in shaping the designer I am now. It revealed a passion for working with entrepreneurs and creatives which has only grown since. I'll always be growing and changing, but I'm very happy with the place I'm in now and thankful for the steps I accidentally took to get here. It's so comforting to know that God is ultimately in total control of my path. I mean seriously, radiology!? Haha!


If you have any questions about my story feel free to ask away in the comments!