Monthly Journal: November 2018

November felt like three months packed into one. Looking back through my photos (which is totally how I remember what we’ve done) I couldn’t believe it was really all in one month. It could also be because it’s now mid-December and I’m just making this recap happen. Our Florida trip gets it’s own post because somanypictures so here’s the first half of November!




Snaps from a solo hike at Lands End.


We picked out June’s glasses

After multiple trips to Warby Parker and a home try on kit from Jonas Paul with a very OCD try-on process on my part (…sorry, June) we picked out two pairs from Jonas Paul!


(Attempting to)
clean up June’s plate

After learning so much and feeling so great after Whole30, I was more motivated to change June’s diet for the much healthier. Girlfriend basically only likes dairy and bread and fruit… and gets pickier every day.

Honestly, it’s not going great.
I was excited because she ate my baked sweet potato fries and actually said the words “oh delicious!” and I wanted to cry tears of joy. She ate a vegetable! Even if it does taste like candy. But that was one of the only wins we had before going on vacay where I just did the best we could! #sendtips


A little festive decor up!


smokey days

The California fires bought thick smoke to SF. We stayed inside as much as possible with our windows closed, and still felt the effects of breathing in the smoke. Like everyone in the city, we were feeling pretty bad and going a little crazy from staying inside, but so incredibly thankful that we only had to deal with the smoke and our lives and homes were not in danger.


Sparks trip

A few days into the smokey period, we had a wonderfully timed trip to Sparks planned to visit Chris’ parents. We got to breathe some crisp clean air and play in the snow!


Trying to stay busy while staying indoors! We stuck out for an art class one day and make a giant mess in the kitchen another day. The paint on her fingers totally stressed June out and she wanted to leave immediately, but somehow I was the only one focusing on my breathing in my messy kitchen.



I feel like this is a big deal… We hired a babysitter. I was on pie duty so I made one and bought two for back-up. I put on a fancy jumpsuit that barely fit before the food. We went to Friendsgiving. We were asked how long we’d been dating; I said 10 years, married 7. I realized we’d been together 10 years. We knew 4 people. We left knowing more. We even snuck in a little mini date before. We left early because babysitting and because we’re old people. (And introverts.)

It may have been the first drink I had since not drinking for 2 months but I just felt super grateful to have some really wonderful friends in the city (even if just a few) and live in such an awesome place. And the 10 years thing. And food. Grateful for food.


west coast craft

I’m still overwhelmed from the amazing-ness.

I was sick from something I ate + probably the smoke, but I was not about to miss this. I wondered around the entire building multiple times (with a matcha/sit/breathe break in between) making sure not to miss a single booth and saw so many artists and makers that I’ve only admired online. I wanted to buy all the things but left with only a few items for people I knew would really appreciate the work that went into them.

Also! I met the lovely people behind Yeild - a company in St. Augustine that also followed forever. How funny that after living so close for so long, I’d meet them across the country.




Enjoy time with family!

Take time to be still and quiet and journal. Reflect on 2018; set intentions for 2019.

Continue working towards launching my collaborative project for The Business Bar. (But don’t work too much)


Overwhelm and thankfulness,

— JB

Florida Trip 2018

Just over a year after we moved to SF, June and I went back to Florida to visit family and friends. I was so excited and it was even better than I thought it would be! It was the perfect mix of time at home with alllll the fam, hitting up my old favorite spots, catching up with my closest friends and time alone. I’m actually jealous of myself.



JPEG image-251F92691847-14.jpeg
JPEG image-251F92691847-7.jpeg

June was a trooper with the early wake up, and the long-is flight. Thankfully everything went smoothly from waking up on time, getting to the airport early, getting through all the lines with no problems, having enough time to get coffee and go to the bathroom before boarding, and getting a non-stop flight. Praise hands.


things i didn’t need to worry about, but did –

  1. Forgetting June’s car seat

  2. Both of us in the same tiny airplane bathroom

  3. Not having enough snacks

  4. June having a loud tearful breakdown on the plane

Things i didn’t think about, but should have –

  1. Southwest does not serve meals

  2. Sippy cups will explode when opened mid-flight

  3. The “markers” from the target dollar section may be runny and messy and get on everything

JPEG image-251F92691847-1.jpeg

things i did think of, and i’m so glad i did –

  1. Other, non-messy items from the target dollar section –
    like window clings!

  2. Suckers and fruit pouches to help with ear pain for landing

  3. Fully charged iPad for kid (with downloaded movies and shows… lots of shows) and phone for mom (with downloaded audiobook).

  4. Snacks.

  5. My (entire) family might show up with balloons – recreating my first memory of being greeted in the airport with balloons as a toddler who also recently moved to California from the East Coast and that might make me want to cry. Feel these emotions on the plane instead of in front of everyone in the Orlando airport. Check.

  6. Also snacks.


On the first day in Florida I woke up at my parents house in St Augustine at 7am. That’s 4am in California… what!? I guess I was excited to see my friends.

We ate and strolled and sat and talked and I snuggled the babies that weren’t even conceived when I left and we picked up right where we left off and it was perfect.


Thanksgiving happened and we spent time with all the family and ate all the things and I forgot to capture any of it.

There were food comas and cuddles and June said “Mommy, I want you to hold my hand” as we fell asleep. Tears.

JPEG image-251F92691847-2.jpeg
JPEG image-251F92691847-8.jpeg
JPEG image-251F92691847-9.jpeg

solo wedding weekend

On Saturday I took my time getting packed and ready to head to Sarasota for the weekend for my girl Sarah’s wedding by myself. Cue the angelic chorus.

I made a couple stops looking for a gift bag large enough. I grabbed lunch. I got a venti match latte, with coconut milk. I took my tiiiiiime.

Until I realized that traffic kept getting worse and my ETA kept getting closer to the start of the ceremony. AH. Then I held my pee for the remaining hours, ran inside my hotel room, frantically got dressed and wrapped the gift and lost the card and drove to the wedding… with plenty of time to spare.

Then I saw the two people I knew other than the bride and groom (my friends Stefanie and Ashlyn who were both vendors) and started crying instantly. I was just so happy… and still frazzled, but mostly happy.

JPEG image-251F92691847-3.jpeg

The wedding was every bit as perfect as I knew it would be. Look at the venue! Looks at those tables! Look at that bride! (And groom… sorry, Stephen. You’re pretty too.)

Ps. I snagged my dress at Marshalls or TJ Maxx a couple years ago and now wear it to almost every wedding I go to. I’ve decided it’s okay. Everyone is looking at the bride anyway, right!?


After the wedding I spent the night in a hotel room all to myself. (Have I mentioned that I was alone?) After taking my sweet time journaling, I went to bed early and then “slept in” until 7am. I guess the inability to sleep in is adulthood. Cool.

I took the entire rest of the day to slowing make my way back to St. Augustine, with multiple beach stops along the way. It was glorious.

The beaches were beautiful and I found myself appreciating them in a way that I hadn’t when I lived in Florida. It probably helped that it was November, so I wasn’t dripping sweat and about to pass out. Still… beautiful.

JPEG image-251F92691847-4.jpeg
JPEG image-251F92691847-10.jpeg
JPEG image-251F92691847-11.jpeg
JPEG image-251F92691847-5.jpeg

A #pubsub from Publix made the list of things I had to experience again while in FL. But now I’m one of those people and got a wrap. *eye roll*


In the car I listened to The Sacred Enneagram audiobook half of the time, and just my thoughts the other half.
The long periods of silence gave me space to think through important things… and some really random things that have been floating around my brain came together. I decided what my next tattoo will be and came up with a name to summarize my style. (Hahah)


June and I had a day in Jacksonville together and we started with her first haircut at our girl London’s new (stunning) salon, Clover & Woolly. This is one thing on the list of things that I thought I wouldn’t be emotional over… and I was wrong. I mean look at her. She’s 18 and moving out.


We had a date at the Chickfila we used to get lunch from every Saturday. June got stuck at the very top of the playground so I had to climb up and get her… but the slide down was worth it and I’m sure everyone enjoyed watching me struggle. Ha!

That night we had the best reunion of some of our best friends in the world that we used to have a supper club with. We’ve been friends since before kids happened and down we’re doing then and now pictures. More tears.

JPEG image-34DB2E851CC9-30.jpeg
JPEG image-34DB2E851CC9-31.jpeg
JPEG image-34DB2E851CC9-29.jpeg

The out-too-late hangover, toddler version. (Much cuter than the adult version)

JPEG image-34DB2E851CC9-32.jpeg

On my last “Jax day” I got to wander around and hit up my favorite spots.

I drove by our old house and tried not to creep out the new peeps and neighbors; walked down to our favorite quiet spot on the river; stopped by some of my favorite coffee shops, stores, and restaurants; and fit in a few last friend dates.

Jacksonville, you’re a good place to come home to.

JPEG image-251F92691847-6.jpeg


We officially got season passes to Disney World for Christmas. Only for this girl. (Okay, my best friend was going so that’s the actual reason. Maybe I’m the spoiled one.)

JPEG image-34DB2E851CC9-1.jpeg

June’s “I’m about to meet my best friend Minnie” excitement level was very impressive.

We are now the people who happily wait in line for someone with a strangely large head to forge a signature in a tiny book.

JPEG image-34DB2E851CC9-3.jpeg
JPEG image-34DB2E851CC9-4.jpeg
JPEG image-34DB2E851CC9-5.jpeg
JPEG image-34DB2E851CC9-6.jpeg
JPEG image-34DB2E851CC9-7.jpeg

The omg-my-child-is-totally-spoiled dairies –

June: “I really like these. I think I’ll get them!” *walks to register*

JPEG image-34DB2E851CC9-10.jpeg
JPEG image-34DB2E851CC9-11.jpeg
JPEG image-34DB2E851CC9-13.jpeg

Annnnnnnnd then my best friend who lives in Texas and I only see like once a year got there ahhhhhhhhhh! I love Disney!! (Who am I.)

JPEG image-34DB2E851CC9-15.jpeg
JPEG image-34DB2E851CC9-17.jpeg
JPEG image-34DB2E851CC9-18.jpeg
JPEG image-34DB2E851CC9-19.jpeg

All of the sugar,

all of the magic,

none of the naps.

JPEG image-34DB2E851CC9-16.jpeg
JPEG image-34DB2E851CC9-23.jpeg

After three straight days of Disney-ing we traveled back to SF like zombies. Who’s crazy idea was that? (Mine.)

JPEG image-34DB2E851CC9-27.jpeg
JPEG image-34DB2E851CC9-28.jpeg

Until next time!
And we don’t plan on waiting a year again. (Sorry, mom)

–– JB

Monthly Journal: October 2018

The palm trees in Union Square are already strung with lights, we’re getting excited about our trip back to Florida in November, and I can’t lie - I’ve caught myself humming Christmas songs. It’s only October but I feel like we’re going to blink and it will be 2019. I’m feeling more excitement for the things to come, and less stress over what I still want to do, which is a new way for me to wrap up a year. Or, well, anything. I like this feeling!





I did the dang thing! Re-introduction has started and I’m really excited to be able to tell how certain foods change the way I feel and see what is worth bringing back.

This month has been full of food prep (which June loved helping with - and she’s actually helpful these days!) and food dreams. Weird. I’m excited to write a full recap post when the re-introduction phase is over.


It rained! Once.
We were used to almost-daily afternoon storms in Florida so the dryer weather has been awesome but we were actually really pumped for a little rain shower here.


Best seats in SF for Fleet Week


Pieces of June’s Halloween costume(s) started rolling in and she was so pumped to try everything on.

(These are the monster slippers that didn’t actually make it in our photoshoot because oops, it got really hot outside!)


All the pink, all the Minnies, all the Disney. Who is this kid!?


Summer happened in SF

Good to remember for next year: June is the most depressing month in San Fran (the fog never leaves and the sun is no where to be found) and Summer shows up for a few days in October. Keep a few cooler outfits and bathing suits out of storage.


weekend trip – sparks, nv

We made the first of many weekend trips to Sparks (right outside Reno) to see Chris’ parents after they moved there from Jacksonville last month. We got to feel some cold air, hang with our kitties, and go to an awesome fall festival with June’s grandparents.


curated closet

Since we moved to SF I’ve felt very.. eh, unsettled with my wardrobe. The big change really made me want to update my style but I’ve been unsure what my style even really is, so I picked up Curated Closet from the library to read for the second time. It’s gives a step by step process for nailing down the closet that will work best for you and last.

I’m documenting the process and will share where I (and my closet) end up!

For now, I’ll just be over here trying on every pair of jeans in San Francisco and taking awkward mirror selfies.



We checked the pumpkin patch visit off our list of goals - twice! There was an awesome place (Clancy’s) right here in SF. June has asked to go back and do the hayride again almost every day since.


June’s eye thing – now has a name

Our appointment with Dr. Good (who really was awesome) was at the end of October. He could quickly tell that she had Accommodative Esotropia which is why her eye is crossing when she focuses. He said glasses with a very low prescription will fix the problem! She may only need to wear them temporarily for the eye to correct itself.

So we’re currently glasses shopping! We checked out Warby Parker’s new kids line, and ordered a home try-on box from Jonas Paul. Anywhere else we should check out!?

She’s going to be the cutest thing ever in glasses, but I’m not sure how I feel about all three of us having glasses… family group hugs are about to get awkward. Ha!



We’re going back to Florida! June and I are traveling back for a wedding and Thanksgiving. This is the first time we will have been back since we moved last November! I’m super excited and my list of people and places to see is long.

My Whole30 reintroduction is going to stretch out until we leave for our trip because I really want to make the most of it and learn as much as I can. Taking all the notes to share!

This month I have one branding client and the rest of my time will be spent on my big exciting collaborative project for The Business Bar. We’re already swimming in inspiration boards in the strategy phase so we’ll have something to share so soon; I’m giddy with excitement!


Here’s to eating dinner on the floor under a blanket tent, working from bed, and Christmas songs in October. It’s all okay.

–– JB