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Monthly Journal: January 2019

A lot of months go by and I think “Where the heck did all the time go!? Did I accomplish anything!?” Not January. Which is probably common and the real challenge is making the momentum last through the rest of the year. This month we made so many awesome changes that feel sustainable, (I might regret publishing that sentence in a few months) made so much progress setting and working towards goals and took a vacation. I’m so excited to document this month if only to motivate myself later this year!



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Go through everything we own” was an actual line item on my to-do list (and it was typed on my goals for Jan. in my Dec. recap post so it was legit.) and it actually happen thanks to 1. having done it already, before we moved 2. living in less than 800 sq. ft. and 3. Allie Cazzasa.

I saw an ad on Instagram for her 30 day challenge - and that should be enough right there… I saw the ad. I stopped scrolling. I screenshot the ad for the marketing inspiration because it made me see it and then signed up for her newsletter for more inspiration… and then totally bought in! I did the challenge and it was amazing (I didn’t think we’d have that much to get rid of… and then took a car load to Goodwill) but I also binged her podcast and fell in love with her and everything she shares. She’s open and honest and real about motherhood. She believes that we are called to abundant life and that goes for mamas in the madness of raising a kid (or 6) too. I am on board with that! Clearly she made an impact because she gets an entire section in this post. Go stalk her at

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We got a couple more days with Chris before he went back to work after the holiday break which was the best. On January 1st we tried out a new tradition idea – ice skating. Great in theory but poor Chris basically held June up the entire time as she wobbled around like a newborn deer. He took the entire load because let’s be honest, I was just as wobbly as June. Maybe we’ll try again next year!? Ha!

The tried and true park date was much more successful.


Routine Tweaks

The break gave me the mental space to think about things we could improve at home in the way that I’m constantly thinking about better ways to do things for work. Ideas sudden came to me for a few things I had just written off as problems that would just have to solve themselves eventually!

One example:
For as long as I can remember, June had “not been hungry” at meal times - especially dinner - and then starving at bedtime. I thought we tried everything, but then we tried what now seems so obvious - having a set dinner time. Dinner now starts at 6 and ends at 7! June takes her plate to the kitchen and that seems to help her understand that the time for eating is ovaaaaaa. There have been significantly fewer crying sessions at bedtime. Praise!!

I also finally have a morning routine that I’ve stuck to and look forward to so much that I actually want get out of bed before 6am for it. Praise again.

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June started schooooool!
Yup, feeling the feelings all over again just typing that. It’s not even real school! It’s only three hours a week. Like total. But it has been so awesome for her to be around other kids and start to get used to the idea. And I get three extra hours of work time a week! So good. So good.

We also applied to an actual preschool that would be every weekday for 4 hours and we’re crossing our fingers and toes that we get in for Fall or earlier!!

low batteryAsset 8.png
low batteryAsset 10.png


For the past few months I’ve been mentioning a collaborative project I’ve been spending a lot of time working on for The Business Bar and now I have something to show you! We’re working on semi-custom brand identity and website mixes for people wanting to start a new venture and have a vision, but need something to get them started so they can launch with a strong brand! If you’re interested, you can sign up to be a Taste Tester and be the first to check out the new products!

This offering, created with my girl Sarah, will be in our Test Kitchen - where we test out new ideas that we think our people need and if we’re right we’ll make them part of the business for the long term!

My goal was to get my website refreshed to share the new offering and get the site back up before our vacation and, after stripping it down to the essentials, (there are sooo many things left on my list, as always) I got it done! The night before we left, naturally.

Cha-cha-check it out!


Denver vacay

At the end of January, Chris and I went on a vacation that we planned just a few weeks before! His bosses told him to take some time off because he’s been working so hard. (What!? Amazing. Especially after a lot of non-awesome work situations.) We talked through our list of cities that we’d like to visit and landed on a place we could find adventure but also plenty of rest – Denver.

June got to go to camp grandparents and had the time of her life. She was not excited to go back home... ha!

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We woke up at 3:30am to catch our flight.

We both had uh… moments that we blamed on the lack of sleep. The worst being me leaving my phone on the train. Thankfully we were able to get it back!

Our first afternoon was spent napping. 3.5 glorious hours. That is a parents’ luxury vacation!

On our second day we explored Red Rocks and got our first taste of how much the altitude would effect us.

It was beautiful and the affects were real.

We expected snow on our third day but we woke up to snoooow! It was exactly as everyone described to us – fluffy and light and just really amazing.

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We rented a Jeep and drove to Breckenridge to go skiing/snowboarding! We took a while to get there and only got in a couple of hours but it was totally worth it and probably for the best… I was exhausted and cold and out of breath the whole time. Ha! I legit thought I might get sick on the way home but felt completely fine by the time we got back to Denver. The altitude sickness is no joke!

Ps. If you happen to be going to Breck and need ski rentals: We rented our gear at Blue River Sports. They were super kind, had the best prices, and worked quickly so we could get as much mountain time as possible. Highly rec!

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♪ On our forth day in Denver ♫ …we got bro tats! We haven’t taken good pictures yet so sorry for the teaser.


Our last day was spent wondering around the city. Our flight was late that night which made for a weird but wonderful day. We had already done everything on our list and explored the neighborhoods we wanted to so we just took our time and enjoyed the last bit of vacay before heading back home.

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His + hers.

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Getting back into a groove after time away is always really hard for me. This time was a little bit better because we scheduled things to get out of the house and be with other humans. Ha! Duh, right?

I think this is an example of my enneagram 9-ness coming out. I have a strong 1 wing which I think makes me a little obsessed with productivity, but I can swing to the other extreme and take a long time to become motivated and fully “awake” again after a time of slowing down. Learning this about myself really helped me be more aware of what was happening and why so I could actively make decisions to change it!


I missed my little bug a lot. She did an incredible job getting back into our routine at home… and didn’t tell me I was boring compared to Grandma which I would not have blamed her for. Haha!

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  • Keep our new routines going; document them and share them here; but don’t get all JB/perfectionistic about them.

  • Speaking of sharing here, share more here is a big goal. I have a giant list of things I want to write about.

  • Get back to a healthy place with food. For the first time since doing Whole30 in October, I’m feeling out of control with cravings (specifically sugar) and I’m not into it, man.

  • Finish all products in the Test Kitchen and get feedback from a few people before opening the digital doors!

  • Enjoy time at home with my people before the madness of March arrives. I’m traveling almost all month!

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Cheers to newness and making things happen and rest.

– JB

Monthly Journal: December 2018

December! So much happy, so much merry, so much busy.

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We got our first Christmas tree (!) and did a few more simple Christmas decorations to help make it feel cozy and Christmas-y in our little home.

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JPEG image-6EC35ACF830D-1.jpeg

Since we had a Christmas tree I actually wrapped gifts before Christmas Eve - for the added cozy-ness of course. I knew I’d forget what we got June so I took pictures of everything as I wrapped and it really helped when I was wondering if we “needed” to get any more gifts. (Oh wow, so spoiled.)


Book: Tomorrow I’ll Be Brave by the most talented designer and letterer, Jessica Hische.

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We only did lights, a star and some DIY fruit garland on the tree (because wow, the whole decor things adds up) and I actually loved it so much, I might do again next year instead of buying ornaments.

After stringing the second garland of cranberries, we left the house and I turned on our Roomba (and felt real great about myself for remembering) and he (yes, our robot vacuum is a dude and his name is Ross) destroyed the garland that I left on the floor and tracked cranberry guts all over the living room. Bah-humbug.

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We visited family in Sparks twice in December! The first visit was a pre-Christmas celebration because Chris’ sister was also in town!

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My birthday happened and I celebrated with my favorite things –

A trip to Target for some strolling and a giant free coffee; an entire afternoon blocked off for journaling and reflecting on the year; and a night out with Chris starting with ice cream, then dinner, then a champagne toast… err, chambong.

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Back to Sparks for Christmas!

We started what I think will be a great new tradition: skiing on Christmas Eve.

June did all the Christmas crafts with Grandma and made all the Christmas treats.

We lounged and ate and played and did all the jolly things you do.

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JPEG image-A2CC858690BA-2.jpeg
JPEG image-4A1A24BE2D3A-10.jpeg
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All the gifts, and a daddy in the background putting the toys with 8697 pieces and no batteries together.

JPEG image-4A1A24BE2D3A-9.jpeg
JPEG image-4A1A24BE2D3A-3.jpeg
JPEG image-4A1A24BE2D3A-2.jpeg

Back home for a few days with just our little family before Chris went back to work. We spent a lot of time resting and reflecting and planning for the next year.

We celebrated the new year with champs and the toddler version of bubbly, the Netflix countdown, and bed at 9pm. Glorious.



  • Go through everything we own and purge anything we don’t need/actually use

  • Make serious progress on my collaborative project for The Business Bar and open it up to a few testers

  • June is starting “school”! And we’re applying for “real” preschool!
    (Sub-goal: set intentions for how I will use this time!)

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JPEG image-A2CC858690BA-15.jpeg

Here’s to more magic in 2019.

– JB

Monthly Journal: November 2018

November felt like three months packed into one. Looking back through my photos (which is totally how I remember what we’ve done) I couldn’t believe it was really all in one month. It could also be because it’s now mid-December and I’m just making this recap happen. Our Florida trip gets it’s own post because somanypictures so here’s the first half of November!




Snaps from a solo hike at Lands End.


We picked out June’s glasses

After multiple trips to Warby Parker and a home try on kit from Jonas Paul with a very OCD try-on process on my part (…sorry, June) we picked out two pairs from Jonas Paul!


(Attempting to)
clean up June’s plate

After learning so much and feeling so great after Whole30, I was more motivated to change June’s diet for the much healthier. Girlfriend basically only likes dairy and bread and fruit… and gets pickier every day.

Honestly, it’s not going great.
I was excited because she ate my baked sweet potato fries and actually said the words “oh delicious!” and I wanted to cry tears of joy. She ate a vegetable! Even if it does taste like candy. But that was one of the only wins we had before going on vacay where I just did the best we could! #sendtips


A little festive decor up!


smokey days

The California fires bought thick smoke to SF. We stayed inside as much as possible with our windows closed, and still felt the effects of breathing in the smoke. Like everyone in the city, we were feeling pretty bad and going a little crazy from staying inside, but so incredibly thankful that we only had to deal with the smoke and our lives and homes were not in danger.


Sparks trip

A few days into the smokey period, we had a wonderfully timed trip to Sparks planned to visit Chris’ parents. We got to breathe some crisp clean air and play in the snow!


Trying to stay busy while staying indoors! We stuck out for an art class one day and make a giant mess in the kitchen another day. The paint on her fingers totally stressed June out and she wanted to leave immediately, but somehow I was the only one focusing on my breathing in my messy kitchen.



I feel like this is a big deal… We hired a babysitter. I was on pie duty so I made one and bought two for back-up. I put on a fancy jumpsuit that barely fit before the food. We went to Friendsgiving. We were asked how long we’d been dating; I said 10 years, married 7. I realized we’d been together 10 years. We knew 4 people. We left knowing more. We even snuck in a little mini date before. We left early because babysitting and because we’re old people. (And introverts.)

It may have been the first drink I had since not drinking for 2 months but I just felt super grateful to have some really wonderful friends in the city (even if just a few) and live in such an awesome place. And the 10 years thing. And food. Grateful for food.


west coast craft

I’m still overwhelmed from the amazing-ness.

I was sick from something I ate + probably the smoke, but I was not about to miss this. I wondered around the entire building multiple times (with a matcha/sit/breathe break in between) making sure not to miss a single booth and saw so many artists and makers that I’ve only admired online. I wanted to buy all the things but left with only a few items for people I knew would really appreciate the work that went into them.

Also! I met the lovely people behind Yeild - a company in St. Augustine that also followed forever. How funny that after living so close for so long, I’d meet them across the country.




Enjoy time with family!

Take time to be still and quiet and journal. Reflect on 2018; set intentions for 2019.

Continue working towards launching my collaborative project for The Business Bar. (But don’t work too much)


Overwhelm and thankfulness,

— JB